Tuesday, January 10, 2012

3 Totally Hipster Ways to Find New Music

(A touch a sarcasm? Perhaps...)
   I, for one, love music. And finding new music is always a grand adventure. Over the years I've accumulated some extensive tactics to search for and successfully find songs that appeal to my taste. As challenging as it can be, these are 3 ways that may help you find music accommodating to your tastes-- and before it's even popular.

1) Listen to the Radio
   Whether you're jamming out in your car, on your computer, or just feel like busting out the dance moves while you're home alone, the radio can offer a variety of music that you may or may not have heard. One of the beauties of radio is options-- nowadays, thanks to online music services, you can find music based on specific genres, artists and songs. Pandora is the most common, though I found Slacker first and have always used it instead (See? Total hipster.). Another online radio I recently found that's much more unique and unknown (I know, again, just such a hipster) is called stereomood.com. It's basically a bunch of playlists based around moods instead of typical music genres. The music on there is sort of hit or miss, but honestly I've found tons of new songs from there-- my favorite playlist is piano, in case you're wondering. So if you're just sitting around bored with the music on your iPod, then download a radio app or just tune in to a local station-- it's crazy how they sometimes play songs you might like.

2) The "Buddy System": Talk to a Friend
   Okay, so as strange a concept as this may be, you and your friends may have common tastes. Your friends may be the ones to provide you with some new music you've never even heard of. Just strike up a riveting conversation about music and maybe you'll both find new favorite songs. Not only will your iTunes library grow, but so will your friendship-- sharing is caring.

3) Be a True Fan: Beyond One Song
   Even I will admit to doing this-- in fact, I do it all too frequently. After listening to the radio, finding a song I like, that's the extent of it. Why stop there, I finally asked myself. So after finding a good song via radio or friends, get yourself onto youtube or iTunes and search some more of the artist's work. If you like one of the songs, they could have a whole medley of likable music for you to enjoy. Or maybe their one good song is just a fluke. But hey, give the artist a good shot-- they've worked hard in the whole music biz. Who knows, maybe soon enough you'll become a crazed devout fan to some new band.

   So there you have it, my mindful tactics to find music. Godspeed to you in your grand journey to discover new songs and artists before everyone else does and said song/artist becomes overplayed and you are too cool to like it anymore! Be the hipster-- find it before it's even cool.

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