Sunday, January 1, 2012

First things First

   Just getting started on this blog, I feel the need for a disclosure explaining what I plan to do on here-- perhaps it is more for my sake than the readers, but it will give me a sound mind. So I apologize if this post is not exceptionally exciting or interesting, but I feel the need for it to be posted.
   So, as my mind is constantly on the move-- between trains of thoughts and story ideas playing out-- I liked the idea of having a blog to express these. A majority of my posts I plan on just being narratives, thoughts and ideas that occurred to me, perhaps with interesting anecdotes. Some will be amusing, others might just be random. I also hope to occasionally post exerts from my stories and poems-- yes, I have a passion for creative writing. I plan to share my interests and other such findings-- a list of good books, songs, or movies, an interesting link I found, those such things. Lastly, I dabble into photography by no means professionally but just out of fun, so my photos be scattered throughout the blog.
   Well, as nice as that was to get off my chest, I believe it was rather boring. I don't know how frequently I'll post, but hopefully it will be a fairly often. And with luck they will be more exciting than this one.
Cheers to the New Year!

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