Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Lazy Post

   It's been awhile since I last posted, but I actually have been at least slightly productive. Not only can I use school starting back up as an excuse, but also I spent this weekend finishing a story I've been working on, and now I've returned to one of my previous stories I never finished. Reading over it, it's one of my better pieces of writing and so I look forward to actually working on it and finishing it. And now, since I feel bad for having not posted and there's no point to this one, I will leave you with a passage from the story I have returned to (file name "grass story"). Enjoy.

I turned in the direction the arrow had come from, to find my predator. All I could make out was a guy in the shadows of a tree, perched on a branch. And he was quick. Before I could even think of how to react, he leapt down from the tree, tossed his bow to the side, pulled out a knife, and within seconds was just inches from my face with the knife to my neck.
But I wasn’t scared. His face mere inches from mine, the point of a knife just under my chin, yet I wasn’t scared. It was because of his eyes. His eyes, unwavering, told me not to be scared. I could see from his eyes that he had no intentions of killing me. His eyes held a strong gaze, looking deeply into mine, and I could see that he meant no harm; he was confused, shocked by my presence, just trying to figure it out.

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