Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Quest-ready Puffer Fish

   Just a short post today, as I have been traveling the car all day and am too lazy to come up with an epic post. So this is another animal photo with a quote. The author Rick Riordan is quoted in this photo. I wish I could remember which book of his the quote comes from, but I believe it is from the Percy Jackson series. He's a fantastic writer and I love his series, and really this is a fairly profound quote I was impressed with. After taking (and absolutely loving) AP literature and composition class this past semester, I couldn't agree more with the quote.
   As for the picture, I took it a few years ago at an aquarium in Florida. Of course, I was thrilled by how well it turned out-- shooting through glass is always hit or miss.
This puffer fish looks like he's ready to do some serious searching.

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