Sunday, March 25, 2012

Talent? Show

   Talent shows are a super fun time, and what's even better than those is this event my school sometimes has called Open Mic Night, where you don't sign up or audition, you just show up and go crazy. It's fun, and whenever it comes around a couple things come across my mind-- how supportive audiences can be, and how I have no talents.
   Now, I know how this post sounds so far. You're expecting me to go into an anecdote about how one time I tried to do a performance, sucked, but the audience cheered me on anyway. Well, if that's really what you're looking forward to in this post, I am afraid you will be disappointed. But honestly, that would have been a boring and cliche post so I don't see why you would look forward to it.
   No, indeed I did not perform. That is because I have no talent that is perform-able. During such talent shows, the thought always occurs to me of the people with talents who can't be shown. Like a painter can't go up and paint in front of an audience, just as I can't go in front of one and write a story. But I suppose such talents are often associated with the introverted such who would prefer not to be in front of a large group of people anyway (not to stereotype introverts, nor artists/writers). Plus for them there are art galleries, and...publishers.
   I, though introverted, do have a random, erm, I guess we'll call it talent, that I have wanted to perform. It is actually a type of theatre competition called prose, though I do not compete and would therefore only want to do it as a talent. It is where you read aloud a piece of prose, almost in the way of a monologue, except not because monologues are terrifying (yes, I have dabbled in the theatre industry-- that's another story/post, though). It seems fun, though I feel that audiences would be very confused-- even at Open Mic Night, where anything goes-- if I went up on stage and started reading out the Allie's baseball mitt passage from Catcher in the Rye in a Holden-esque tone (I considered doing the competition for all of a day, so yes, I do have a passage picked out).
   So, yes, sometimes I secretly wish to be talented in the ways of performance, but me being my introvert self, I know that it is best that I just remain one of the cheering audience members.
   And yes, I do realize this post was excessively random and fairly long. As a reward for your patience and tolerance at my rambling, I give you this photo:
That's right, it's an inchworm. And it's going for the camera lens.

As awesome as the last pic was, here's a clearer shot of the little guy.

And his inching abilities. You're glad you read the whole post now, aren't  you? That's right, awesome inchworm pics for worthy readers.

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