Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Epic Post

Intro to Epic Post: Hey kids, it's April already-- who would have thought? And today I give to you a strange post. Here's what happened: I wasn't doing anything and decided that meant it was a good time to post something. Well, not knowing what to post, I put on some music. I put on "Speaking Unto Nations (Beethoven Symphony no. 7-- II)" which is a track from the beyond amazing movie, The King's Speech. That is, in case you are unsure, the music that plays as he give the final epic speech. So in response to such epic music playing, I started writing my own epic speech. Only mine is about Spring, and might be over-the-top. I'm not sure. So may I suggest that as you read it, you should listen to the song ( but if you don't want to do that, please at least read this as if it was an epic speech. That's all I ask. Enjoy my dramatic moment:

 Spring is upon us, my children, and it is the time of which grand outdoor activities are to be had. We must cast ourselves into the grandeur of outdoors and greet Mother Nature herself upon our quest of rejoicing in the finer weather.
   We endured the shivers and adversities of the torrent Winter season, and prevailed. We have made it through the hardships of chilly winds and dark nights. Now we find ourselves in a time of prosperity, where flowers have bloomed and the sun shines, casting down joyous light from the bluest of skies.
   Not that everyday is to be such perfection, as the weather will still change, as storms still will pass through the sky on occasion. When it does rain, however,  it rains to feed the world, to provide for a plentiful life and beautiful days to come. So do not cower in the face of a storm in this season of which Mother Nature flourishes. Patience through the storm will prove worthy, and in the coming days, the clouds will clear and again you will bask in the shining sun, feeling its warmth upon your face and finding the inner joy that has been waiting to relish in the Spring.
   Upon the days of perfection, when the sky is a pleasurable shade, and the sun's rays are welcoming, do find yourselves delved in Nature. Thrust yourselves into the lightened meadows and forests and gardens in your life, greet them as you would an old friend, for they are the setting to your new quest, your new adventure, your new story. It is not indoors hiding away in your bed, but in laying in a meadow, hiking through a forest, resting your feet in a cool stream or riverbed, or simply reading a book on the porch, it is there that you will find the joy and warmth in Spring. It is there that Mother Nature will walk beside you, sit by you, take your hand and tell you how much she has missed your company. She will beam at you, and you in return will be filled with a certain contentedness. A contentedness that only comes during these perfect days, a contentedness that like a flower requires the proper amount of sunlight and nourishment to truly flourish.
   In the blossoming of this contentedness you will remember all that comes with Spring-- the cheery mornings that greet you with chirping birds, the warm afternoons where the world is ready to be explored, the evenings accompanied with laughter and flower scented breezes. And upon this remembrance you find yourself excited and prepared for such a glorious season.
   Spring is upon us, my children, do not let it pass without an adventure.

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