Monday, April 30, 2012

There's No "Love Triangle" in Team

  So in the past years popular books series have turn into epic (or not so epic--matter of opinion, I suppose) movies. You, unless a recluse, know what I am talking about-- Harry Potter, Twilight, and most currently, the Hunger Games. I am perfectly fine with two of the three-- you know what, scratch that, I'm good with all three, Twilight for a good laugh (don't worry, this is not bashing Twilight time-- I do that enough with my friends to where I don't find it necessary to put into a blog post). Anyway, I like the concept of turning the books into movies, as it causes books and reading to become a fad and then look at that, kids actually are reading (I know someone out there is saying in a sassy voice, "no, they just watch the stupid inaccurate movies and miss the whole point" and that may be true for some, but I still have faith in the youth of today and like to think that if a movie that is from a book seems awesome, people will turn to the original and pick up the book).
  But alas, I digress. With Twilight came "teams" for the likes of creepy-yet-somehow-described-as-perfect Edward and I-was-only-popular-after-I-took-off-my-shirt Jacob.And now with Hunger Games becoming annoyingly popular some fans are starting teams for my-name-sounds-like-bread-cuz-I-bake Peeta and hey-let's-catch-some-squirrels Gale. 
   WARNING: Hipster Statement So I read the Hunger Games series like a year ago *puts on hipster sunglasses* before it was cool. But no, on a serious note, a couple of my friends who read a lot referred me to the series so I guess that's why I heard about them before the craze. And it's a great series, don't get me wrong; it's just that I read it and moved on. Now that everyone is up and arms about the books and movies it's just a bit annoying because I stopped thinking about the books a long time ago.
   But let's get back to the point. I, like some fans, find the whole "team" thing to be unnecessary for the series. I  think it's unnecessary because to me it's very obvious who she'll end up with and so I don't see the point of teams when one obviously is getting more Katniss lovin' than the other. Plus there's the fact that it's a dystopia where children are killing each other (SPOILER ALERT-- a bunch of people die all the time) and so who she ends up with shouldn't really be the main point of the story-- just a side note, emotional, oh-yeah-this-is-a-teen-novel-so-let's-add-romance part. 
   But then I got to thinking. What if this whole team thing isn't a fad, and the people blaming Twilight and stupid fan-crazed teenagers are wrong? What if teams always arose whenever books with any romantic interests were published?
   So now, to depict this idea, I give you several doodles of nondescript stick figures and their teams:

Okay, so maybe the last one is not as romantic, but I had to add The Picture of Dorian Grey since it's my favorite book and I love Oscar Wilde. Plus it's just a little bit true (I'd be team Basil, just saying.) But anyway, I hope you found this entertaining, and if you have any good literary teams, comment and let me know! I'd love to hear some more!

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