Friday, May 25, 2012

Anecdote Time

  Hey kids, so I feel like I should post something, but I have nothing planned or even thought out, so I'll just tell you all a quick anecdote.
  So, I have this aunt who for years would send my sister and I Beanie Babies. You know what I'm talking about? I feel like you have to, I mean who doesn't have or at least know about the little stuffed animals with the ty heart shaped tags? Well, they were kind of a huge part of my childhood, entirely because of this one aunt.
  I think what started it was that Beanie Babies became some huge craze, and rumors spread that one day they'd all be super valuable. I guess my aunt figured it was a good present then, because we could enjoy the critters as kids, and then one day they'd be worth something.
  Well whatever the reason, my aunt bought-- literally, bought-- into the craze hardcore. She would send us Beanie Babies all the time. Sure, for holidays and birthdays, but just as a side note, not the main present-- and it didn't matter whose birthday it was, we'd both get beanies. And then she'd just randomly send them to us too sometimes. Basically, it was like this-- if there was something in the mail from our aunt, we knew we'd be adding a couple more Beanie Babies to our ever growing collection.
  Where is this going, you may ask. Well, my aunt visited this past weekend, and because of our move (I don't know if you children are up to date, but yes, my family moved) we had collected all the Beanie Babies into a giant tub. For some good laughs, we looked through them all, put them on display, and then counted them.
  You want to guess how many we had? Let's think about it-- she did this for let's say ten years to make it a good round number. Let's say she'd send us each one like, four times a year. That'd add up to about 80 beanies if I'm doing my math correctly. So is that your guess? 80?
  Here, I'll even let you see the display we made of the beanies to give you a visual, then you can make your final guess.
There it is. What does that look like to you? Maybe closer to a hundred. You have your final guess?

  The grand total was one hundred and fourty seven Beanie Babies. That's right. 147. And I have a couple more that weren't in the picture, given to me from my friend and my boyfriend. So make that 149. Now, I think there were a few that weren't from my aunt, so let's subtract five. I'm going to say that my aunt purchased for us over the course of about ten years, 144 Beanie Babies. Dang!!! Well, I hope they really do become valuable, but even if not, I sure did enjoy them all in my childhood.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lit Title Parodies

So, for nearly this entire lovely afternoon, I have been playing on paint. I know it's been awhile since my last post, but hopefully all my hard (though not skilled) work on paint will have been worth the wait.
Post Exigency! A few days or so ago, my friend and I were chatting about literature, as we often do because you know, we're a couple of cool teenagers. Somehow we ended up discussing title parodies, coming up with a couple that will be on here. Today I thought of a few more and then drew up some super gorgeous book cover parodies. Well, here they are:

Alright, starting with the original. My friend and I came up with a couple for Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms. We went for the opposite, being A Hello to Arms.

 Then we got weird, and thought it could be literal arms.

And I spelled prosthetics right on the first try! Bam!

And then with our amusement somehow we came up with this one. Don't question us. Don't judge us. Or my cat drawings, for that matter.

Gatsby, obviously. The shirt thing always got me in this book...

The Scarlet Letter, now bedazzled. (it's sparkly, I promise, it's just not showing up as well on here).

Catcher in the Rye. If you've read it, you'll get why it's funny that he swears.

Yep, that's all I got. If I think of more, you think of one you'd like me to do, I'll post another series of pictures. But for now that is all. I apologize if the pictures are not super clear, but I think you can read the speech bubbles. Yes, I believe that is all I have to say for this post.