Wednesday, August 22, 2012

College Life (Thus Far)

  Sitting here in my dorm watching youtube videos, I reflect on my day feeling fairly unproductive. I assure, it's actually not true, but I feel that way, and since writing a post makes me feel productive, here I am. Thank my weird sense of guilt for being lazy, it brought you this post.
  Here's the thing though-- today has actually been fairly productive, all things considered. I went to my fitness walking class, thus in doing so walked at least a mile today. I wrote a paper. A freakin' two page paper. I think this is why I'm confused at my lazy guilt-- usually if I write anything at all it makes my entire day feel productive (hence the blog post statement above). So I did that, printed it out and everything, good to go for tomorrow's class. I also skyped my boyfriend for a bit-- that's kind of like breakfast though, just something I do most days, so whether I count it as productive I don't know.
  After that for like a solid hour, if not longer, I worked on my flow toy skills. I played around with my flow wand mostly, but I also did a bit with my poi. Now that really should have made me feel productive. It's a physical activity, and when I put on music and really focus on it, it's very rewarding. When I say rewarding, I mean in the sense that (some) people like exercising. You know how people will say that running makes them feel good? I personally think they're crazy; running makes me feel like shit. Honestly though, I get what I assume is the feeling runners get after I do physical activities I actually enjoy, such as iceskating, or in this instance, poi and flow wand. Now for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, maybe I'll be gracious and come back when editing this post and put a link here so you can see, but if not just search it on youtube-- videos of this stuff exist. So now that you've seen it (I'm assuming you took the time to look it up) I will let you know some things you may want to ask me: my personal preference is the flow wand, it is the one I am better at, I don't know if I'm actually that good, I do nothing with fire, I'm pretty much learning it as I go though I hope to have a chance to go to workshops and learn from pros, I listen to music while I do it because I make it all dance-y and flow-y and it's just more fun with music. Anyway, after that I called my parents, had dinner, went to a brief dorm meeting, and then the youtubing began and my lazy guilt kicked in. Seriously though, I don't know why, look at all those words-- I did a lot of stuff today.
  Now no need to fret, children, I will not ramble about my productivity for the entirety of this post. Because 1) It would be a pointless post (because normally my posts have a point? I guess.) 2) You pretty much know my whole day now and I have nothing more to say about it.
  So now I'll tell you about something allegedly more exciting. College. Aww yeah. I've been here about a week and a half now, so I'll let you know about my experience thus far.

  • Walk Everywhere My campus is very walkable and my sister has the car, so I literally walk everywhere. For a person who despises running with all of her existence, I sure do like walking. It's so pleasant I even took a walking class. Anyway though, it's just a nice change of pace to know that your feet can carry you to wherever you need or want to go. The lack of dependence on a vehicle is uniquely liberating in my opinion.
  • More Free Time I have days without classes, I only have two days where I have to wake up early, and so I have plenty of time to do whatever I want. Granted, some of the time the choice is to do required things, like eating, sleeping, homework, but it's still nice to do whatever you want with your free time whenever you want to within that free time. Like poi. Or skype. Or meeting people, one I haven't tried yet (antisocial joke. I have friends, really). 
  • Social Events There was a whole "Welcome Week" thing, and there were events like a comedian, a hypnotist show, a dance, and a carnival. Fun, free stuff-- my favorite! So stuff like that tends to happen, probably not so much in the coming weeks as there was for Welcome Week, but you know, more events are bound to arise, and be a good time.
  • Accepting Weirdness I have met people who admit to being a nerd or loser or such things, myself included seeing as I am one. My room mate and I both are nerds and we admit it, which is fun. I just get the feeling that people are more ready to be themselves in college than in high school. Really, there's just something nice about not knowing anyone here from previous parts of life; it makes people more inclined to show themselves as they are. Or at least I hope this is the case, though I'm not sure if I've met enough people to make this assumption for everyone. But it sounds nice for the sake of my blog, so I'll go ahead and say it. Who knows, maybe it'll inspire some quiet shy kid to just lose fear and go be their crazy self. Maybe.
  • Class Stuff That Randomly Excites Me  You get your schedule for the entire semester. First day of class, the syllabus includes a schedule for the entire freakin' semester. Do you understand how cool that is? In high school I would consider myself lucky if I knew what the hell was coming in the upcoming week for a class. And now I know for the entirety of the class. That is so beautiful. Teachers are more free too. I've had at least three professors swear like it's nothing. And they just teach the way the want to-- I have teachers who go at a slow pace with a powerpoint, and some who just start talking and you can take notes if you feel the need. I have a teacher who, after taking role, gives us the option to leave. The same teacher, as we were discussing and he was done lecturing for the day, just left, telling us we were doing great and could leave whenever we were done. That is so freaking awesome. I've had multiple classes end early, which is so cool. It's kind of ironic, because in high school I liked the concept of having bells, mostly because that way teachers couldn't hold you over and be like "I control this class, not the bell." Umm, no, the bell does. When that thing rang we would leave because teachers knew that we had to. Here it's not like that. We get done when we get done, and that tends to be early or on time, and professors have no interest in "controlling the class" when it comes to time; they're not interested in holding us late like we're little kids being punished. Classes are just so much more respectful, I feel like.
  Ah, fun stuff. So that's my rant about college. Pretty cool, right? I'm enjoying myself is the main point I suppose, so I guess even if you can't relate to this post, you can at least be happy for me, because, as I have like ten or so people read my blog, I assume you all know me at least slightly personally, and I like to think you would be glad to hear of my contentedness.
  So we reach the end of another excessively long post. Sometimes I think I ramble, but then I remember that's at least sort of the point of my blog. So let's see if you're picking up on the pattern of my long. Long post, pretty random and virtually pointless, what does that mean you get at the end? If you guessed a random picture, then go find yourself a reward because you are correct! Enjoy.

Look at my campus, it's so pretty! Legit, that's my campus.

Not random enough for you? Then I present to you: Baby Turtle Pic: Round II.

Look that face! You can't deny smiling at that little cutie.

So yeah, I'm done. Hope you enjoyed it, and like I said, as long as college doesn't steal away all my time, I hope to post more random musings soon. If there is ever anything you want me to ramble about, just comment or let me know.

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  1. good stuff! So glad you are liking the college life so far :)