Friday, August 3, 2012

Update Time

  Hey kids, I didn't even realize I hadn't posted at all in July. I deeply apologize for this-- July was a super busy month for me, and the time just flew by. Honestly just today did I realize it was August.
  I have a couple ideas for posts, and I hope to accomplish these posts, but a great change is upon us-- or me, at least. Come next week, I'll have moved into a dorm as a freshman in college. Exciting, yes, but I don't know how busy I will be then, so if in the following months my posting lacks even more than it already has, it's because I'm a college kid now.
  Just thought I'd give an update in case my all of maybe ten people who read my blog won't be wondering why it died. I'll just say this-- even if months go by with no posts, I'm not going to give up my blog entirely. There will be posts in the future, I promise! I know, it's a relief to hear.
  So yes, this was a boring post, but I'll post again super duper soon, and in the meantime enjoy a passage from the latest short story I wrote; yep, that's right, I racked up another story, and this one in only a couple days. It's only ten pages, seemingly my general length for short stories, and it was quite the adventure. I thought it up, wrote most of it in like two days, but at the end of the second day I had no idea how to end it. This is honestly the first time that's ever happened to me-- most the time my stories end smoothly, and I get a wonderful sense of closure upon completing the last sentence. But this one was different: I finished it, and thought to myself, "well that was crap." So what I did was, I highlighted the section I thought was crap, and wrote at the bottom: NEED BETTER ENDING. Then I walked away from it, watched some Olympics for a solid 3 hours (I LOVE the Olympics, which is probably what my next post will be discussing) and then came back to it. I wrote a new ending, and found that sense of closure. Success!
  I'm not sure whether I like the story as a whole yet though-- it's unique, the first time I've present tense, and a bit less climatic than most of my stories.
  I feel like the story needs a bit of explaining, so here we go: it's a futuristic/alternate world where people are placed into jobs and social status based purely on their skills, to the point where personalities don't even matter. A girl comes to be judged and states something that intrigues the main character, a young judge (those who place the people in said jobs and case that wasn't clear). Yep, that's all you get, explanation-wise.
  Without further ado, here is a passage:

Some days I feel especially bored with my job, and today is one of them. I listen to each person name off what they can do, and I guess in my mind where they will be placed as the general consensus of the panel agrees—I silently nod my agreement—and that person is duly placed.
A girl approaches the panel and stands for a moment in silence as she waits for our attention. She is perhaps in her late teen years, very pale with dark brown hair. Her thick dark bangs hang just over her eyes, which gaze down at her hands in a way to where I can’t even tell their color. She holds her hands together, letting them hang at her waist. She wears a cream colored dress with red flowers on it. All of this I take in stride; it’s when she speaks and what she says that gains my full attention.
“My name is Elaina Raves, and my skill is being myself,” she says in a calm but strong voice.
At the end of her statement, her eyes turn up fully to the judges. They are the clearest, most vivid pale blue eyes I have ever seen in my life. And there is something more to them even than that—she holds something behind those eyes that I can’t fully grasp, but I can tell is deep and meaningful.
I hear a couple of the judges sigh, and the head judge begins to speak.
“Right, very well then,” he says, clearing his throat, “I guess we’ll just put you down in the dock town, you can be a waitress or maid, whichever they’re in need of at the local pub and motel. Go on then.”
“Yes sir,” she murmurs, her eyes dropped, about the walk off.
“Wait,” I speak up, looking between the head judge and the girl I stopped in her tracks. My gaze meets hers. “What…what did you mean by that? Being yourself?”
Some of the judges groan, a couple mumbling about new judges.
“They show up every now and then,” the woman judge next to me explains, “people who think they’re better than the system, rebels; they don’t want to be judged, so they make up some nonsense like this.”

You're dying to know what happens, right? Compelling stuff, man.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this slightly informative and possibly boring post.
...But it's not over! I feel the need to make up for my lack of posting in July, so here, you get the most random picture I can find in my vast array of pictures:

It's a baby turtle! I found him in my yard a while ago, and put him by a pond. Isn't he a cutie?
Alright, I'm done now. I hope you liked the turtle though. If there's anything to like about this post, it's definitely the turtle. I was so excited when I found him, I took like tons of pics. So if you like the turtle, tell me, and maybe I'll share some more pics of him in future posts.

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