Saturday, October 13, 2012

Doodler for Life

  Hey everyone, so it's been awhile since my last post. Between college life and an amazing fall break, I've been a little busy. Plus I kind of went through a huge creative writing block, which I figure is due to the same reasons-- my brain's been a little preoccupied, so no new ideas were coming.
  No need to fret though, I finally overcame the block and am currently working on a short story. I've just started it, so the details are still getting worked out, but hopefully it will be a success. Perhaps once it's finished I'll post a passage from it on here. In the meantime though, I'm going to share with you another part of my life.
  I'm sure I've mentioned on here before my lack of artistic ability. As much as I would love to have the natural talent of drawing, I don't. It's unfortunate, but I don't let it bother me-- my creative outlet is writing, and every once in awhile I'll draw anyway, even if it ends up not being a wonderful masterpiece (in other words, turns out looking like something a third grader would draw).
  Although I rarely draw, I'm huge on doodling. It's fun and mindless, and doesn't matter whether it turns out nice looking or not. I'm also a very specific kind of doodler-- I'm a margin doodler. Basically, whenever I'm taking notes in a class or have a notebook out, if I'm not writing something down, then I'm doodling in the margins. It's something I've always done, but I've really gotten into since I've been in college. Now, don't take this to mean college is easy, that I don't need to pay attention so I doodle instead-- that's not it, I'd never call college easy. It's just the structure of classes-- teachers lecture, and when it's not something worth writing down I still like doing something mindless with hands instead of just sitting there, so I doodle. Or if I get to a class early, I pull out my notebook and doodle until class starts.
  So with all this doodling, I think I've actually gotten pretty good at it. Good at doodling? I'm not sure that it's much of an accomplishment, or even a thing to be good at at all, but still, I think I can pull off a pretty decent little drawing. So I've decided to show you all some of my doodles.

 Alright, so here we go-- this first one is of a mantis. Thanks to the fact that my boyfriend has pet mantids, I now think they're awesome and so I doodle them on occasion. Pretty cool, I know.

 Next (and for whatever reason it won't let me type in certain areas, so this will be fun for the rest of the post) is a hummingbird. Hummingbirds
are probably one of my most frequent doodles, and I usually have them by a flower of some sort. The top one is my more common one, with just the start of the flower instead of a flower in a pot. But yeah, I draw them quite often because (in case you didn't catch on by my blog's name) I love hummingbirds. The first one also has some butterflies and a sloth on it-- sloths are really hard to draw, for me anyway. So yeah, fun stuff.

 And as the blog format continues to present typing issues, next we have a tree with roots, another frequent doodle of mine. Trees are one of the few things I feel I can actually draw, and I like adding the root system around a hole in the notebook; I don't know why, I just think it looks cool. We also to the right, have a giraffe. Giraffes for a long time were my favorite animal, so I still will doodle one every once in awhile.
 On the left, and this is actually harder to tell what it is I think, is a sloth in a tree. Yeah, that doodle got messy so the picture isn't as clear. And like I said, for whatever reason I think sloths are hard to draw.
And below here we have an owl, specifically the owl spirit from the library episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. His speech bubble says "Don't disrupt the library!" and I thought I was very clever for thinking to draw him.

 Above (seriously, format freaks out whenever pictures enter the situation) is one of my favorite doodles. I'm having friends design cards for a playing deck of cards, and I was thinking about what design I would do if I were to do a joker. So this doodle is of a jester sitting on the King's throne without realizing the King is standing right there.
 On the right above we have a pocket watch, which I think turned out looking cooler than I thought it could. Plus I just think it'd be awesome to have a pocket watch.
And on the left we have a simple yet adorable dinosaur. He says "Mep."

 On the right we have the Loch Ness monster. It says "Nessie iz no monster" because I think it's pretty cute and not at all monster-y.
Last one-- so I actually impressed myself with this one. Normally I avoid drawing people and faces at all costs-- they always turn out horribly. But this time it actually looks good. First it started with the small faint drawing above the face-- it is supposed to be a pixie saying "Where is my mind?" because I had the song "Where is My Mind" by the Pixies stuck in my head (oh, aren't I clever.). Then I got a good idea of what I wanted her hair and face to look like so I tried it, and it turned out lovely.

  So that is all, my children. I had a few more but blogger was taking forever to load pictures and I figure you got the general idea by now anyway. Hope you liked it! If so, then maybe I'll share any other cool doodles I come up with.
  But wait! It's actually not over! Since it's been awhile I thought I'd give you all a bonus, plus this is just something I want to share with you guys. This is a follow up to my post of massive amounts of youtube videos. Well guess what, I have a few more to share with you.
  First off is two I honestly just forgot to put in that post. They're really funny and I'm just not even going to try to describe them, you just should watch them. They're A Monologue for Three and Movie Trailer for Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever. They are brilliant and smartly funny.
  Secondly, and probably more importantly, I have a new current favorite youtuber. Don't get me wrong, I still love Nerimon, and I still consider him my overall favorite, but since I've seen most of his videos, I moved on to a new current favorite. Okay, so it's kind of actually two youtubers; I'll talk about them each and which I like a bit better, but honestly their best stuff is when they're together, which is fairly often. There names are Dan (channel danisnotonfire and second channel danisnotinteresting) and Phil (channel AmazingPhil and second channel LessAmazingPhil). They also have a channel together called the Super Amazing Project, which is really funny too (I watched like the entire first two seasons in one day), but most of their videos are just on their main channels.
  I actually found them through Nerimon-- they're British youtubers as well so they've both been on Alex's channel and vice versa. I don't even know what more to say. They're both really funny and entertaining in their own ways. Like Phil is all innocent and cutesy, and Dan's all sarcastic and witty. Point being, they're both hilarious. My personal preference (but I do love them both) is Dan, because I just really like the sarcastic style of humor. Honestly though, like I said in the beginning, it's when they're together that it is best. My favorites are the Phil is not on fire videos (there are four, I'm just linking the first one) and when they make British pancakes. Now after watching these videos, you're bound to ask: are they brothers or a couple or something? No, they're not brothers and allegedly they're not a couple. I'm kidding, they are just really good friends and roommates. But, some fans ship them (for those who are unaware of what that means, "shipping" is wanting two people to end up together. Usually it's in books and movies, but it's crossed over to youtubers as well). Honestly, I didn't want to ship them, and I pretty much don't, because it's their lives and none of the internet's business, and really they are just friends...but sometimes they just are so cute together I can't help secretly shipping them a tiny bit. But really, no matter the shipping, they're crazy entertaining and hilarious, so there you have it, my current favorite youtubers. Enjoy.
  So, a dozen pictures and 5 videos later, this post is finished.