Friday, November 23, 2012

I Have Writer's Block

  Hey guys, so I'm going to just go ahead and blame college for my massive writer's block. I haven't written anything creative--either on here or just in general-- in so long. It's rather unfortunate, but I'm hoping it's just a phase. Luckily exams are coming up and hopefully over break the creative juices will start flowing again and I'll be able to come up with awesome stories and blog posts. Because really my lack of creative outlet is kind of driving me crazy. I'm looking to remedy it soon though, and then all shall be well again, my sanity--if you can call it that-- restored. And if this block continues over break, well, next semester I am taking Fiction Writing 1 so that will force me out of it. I'm mostly excited for the class, but I'm also partly intimidated by it, maybe because of this writer's block. Whatever the reason, I'm trying not to fret too much over it.
  So yeah, that is basically all I have to say. I guess this is just an apology for my absence on here lately, and also just me expressing my frustration at my writer's block. I just keep telling myself I'll get over it-- hopefully that's true.
  Sorry for the late post-- let's see what kind of awesome picture I can find for you all's enjoyment.
I miss playing in parks. What are these even called? Carousel things?

  Oh yeah, one other thing: so lately, as I have been having writer's block, in my spare time I've been playing around with making videos using my webcam a bit. I came up with the idea that perhaps I could post some videos on here. They would be of me reading passages of either my work or you know, actual books. I think it could be fun, as in a previous post I've mentioned my liking for reading prose out loud. So yeah, that might happen. I like pretending that I have an actual decent amount of followers on this blog (even though the grand total is like maybe ten readers) so I'll continue to pretend you all care (it keeps me motivated, even if the premise is false) so let me know if that's something you'd like to see on my blog.
  That photo was kind of random. Here, have another:
It's still fall. Enjoy a lovely fall day like this!
  Alright, that's all I have. Once more I apologize for a fairly pointless post, and hopefully in the near future there will be better things.