Saturday, March 23, 2013

Starting Anew: Idyllic Hummingbird 2013

 So I've been very busy--I still am, actually-- with college and what not, but lately I've been wanting to put my opinions out to the world. Since this blog has little viewership I thought about giving it up. I considered starting a YouTube channel. Then I realized not only do I have neither the proper camera nor editing programs to do a YouTube channel, but I just couldn't see myself really excelling at that. My strength forever remains in writing, and so I'm returning to my blog, with hopes of possibly gaining viewership and making more quality posts. Not that what I've done thus far is bad, it's just not very structured and honestly quite random. I want to try to be more organized in my postings from now on, and so here's the start to that. So, as for the blog archives, just consider 2012 as the old stuff--good for what it's it worth, but with hope of improvement in 2013.
 So what exactly am I going to change? Writing style wise, not much. I'm going to write the way I always have, with my charm and wit and whatnot (not to sound too full of myself, of course). Content-wise, lately I've been craving to write some reviews. Lately every time I see a new film or television show or whatever, I want to analyze it, critique, and quite honestly, spazz over it a little. So expect plenty of new reviews heading your way--hopefully I'll introduce you all to some great new stuff. Reviews is not the limit, though-- expect plenty more anecdotal posts, and exerts from my writings, and fun photos-- all the good stuff. The main change with those I suppose is that I'll try to make them more polished-- often before I just felt like slapping something on the page and posting it so it looked like I was keeping up an active blog. I'll try to be better about that this year.
 And now comes the hard part, for me anyways. Like I said, I'm quite a busy college kid. I think why I haven't posted this before now is because I was afraid I'd go on about how I'll get better about blogging and then drift off into the unknown, until you all assume I've died or given up on the whole blog. So, here's what I'll do: I plan on posting at least once a week. If that becomes too difficult I'll change it to every other week or something, but for now one post a week is my goal. I hope to maintain it.
 A few quick things-- I have a twitter, @idyllichumbird, follow me if you like. I don't tweet much (I actually think Twitter's pretty pointless) but if I get a bunch of followers or something I'll try to be better about that. Also you can now sign up via email to follow my blog (just look over in the side bar, above the "About Me" section), that's new and I'd love more followers. Finally I am considering getting a tumblr, but I know tumblr is kind of huge so I'm a bit intimidated to get one. Point being, it's still under consideration. If you have any thoughts on the matter, let me know.
 Last thing you guys: scroll to the very bottom of the page and you'll find something fun I just added.
 Have a good week; you'll hear from me again real soon.

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